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Nov 17, 2017

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The Alligetter
by Jenna Corwin
Magazine Issue: Online Only

The Alligetter™

Ever drop a ring (ear, nose, belly) down the drain while you’re doing the dishes? Okay, technically my boyfriend and I weren’t “doing” the dishes when the belly ring disappeared, but you get the idea. Then you spend an hour with your hands in yesterday’s slimy food products trying to find it with a fork and flashlight? Well, those days, like the Bush administration, are long gone thank God!

The Alligetter™ is a “D’OH, why didn’t I think of that?” gadget. It’s lightweight, strong and does exactly what it says it will (listening Obama?). Use it in all hard to reach places – under the stove, behind the frig, or under the bed (when your sex toy eludes you). The jaw clamps tight around its victim, the LED light is very bright, and it folds into a nice compact position for storage in a drawer or toolbox. For 20 bucks it’s a keeper!

Product Features:

  • No risk of injury or cut fingers from accidental garbage disposal powering on
  • Foldable handle for easy storage in drawer or under-sink cabinet
  • Fits easily in all size hands
  • Tip-mounted removable LED with a convenient rear-mounted switch
  • Clear ABS plastic construction for strength, visual appeal, and light dispersion
  • Spring loaded trigger for easy grasping
  • Flap spreader for garbage disposal with rubber flaps
  • Batteries included
  • Retail Price: $20

    Order online at:

    XX = Highly Recommended

    - JC

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