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Nov 19, 2017

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Smooth Operator
by Mo Clancy
Magazine Issue: U.S. Vol. 2.6
Trends check in and out every season. But there are some important fashion cues that are here to stay -- for a while, at least.

by Mo Clancy

Each season, we find men's fashion progressing at the speed of light. As men get more interested in their own appearance, you'll see more of them wearing nail polish. And don't be surprised if a cosmetic line for men pops up soon.

As more men incorporate color into their wardrobes, red will become an important player. It symbolizes strength and, more importantly, sexuality. Also, stylish guys will be seen with a "satchel" slung over their shoulders -- taking a cue from women that purses are a necessary part of life. Look for more and more shaved heads, as this once "clubbin'-only" look hits the mainstream.

The new player in the California "red" scene is tempranillo -- the grape responsible for Spain's mighty Riojas. Sexy, stylish and fulfilling the demand for softer, more approachable reds, wine houses across California are scrambling to plant this up and coming trend setter. Production is still small, but come next year, in-the-know lips will be caressing this soon-to-be mainstream varietal.

Shirt: Ted Baker, Rolo, San Francisco
Nail Polish: Urban Decay

Fashion Editor: Mo Clancy
Assistant Fashion Editor: Laura Peterson
Photographer: Justin Walsh
Stylist: Keesha Clark
Makeup Artist: Tosca
Models: Emeka Nzerem, Milen Beyene

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