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Nov 17, 2017

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Photography by Jill Lotenberg
Magazine Issue: U.S. Vol. 3.4
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Los Angeles-based photographer Jill Lotenberg began her career on the East Coast, in New York and New Jersey. Prior to moving to California, she worked for the Garden State Arts Center, Forbes magazine and the Courier News. Notable clients include MCA, Def Jam Records, Mattel Toys, Joomi Joolz and Milwaukee Magazine. Recently, Ms. Lotenberg shot stills for the short film "Passions," which has been submitted to the Cannes Film Festival. While not behind the camera, Lotenberg is pursuing an opportunity to play at Wimbledon.

Text Flow is a forum in which young writers and artists can showcase their talents. To submit work for consideration, please e-mail text to or mail slides/transparencies/digital images of artwork to: Wine X Magazine, 4184 Sonoma Mountain Road, Santa Rosa, California 95404. Slides/transparencies will be returned. DO NOT email images.

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