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Nov 17, 2017

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Melissa Holloway
by Staff
Magazine Issue: U.S. Vol. 5.3
Melissa Holloway

Age: 28
Occupation: Publicist, Lions Gate Films
Resides: Los Angeles
Claim to Fame: Hmmm....I was once hit on by Bruce Willis, does that count?
Favorite Music/Band: U2, Travis, The White Stripes, Norah Jones
Favorite Food(s): Sushi, Chocolate of any kind
Favorite Drink(s): Diet Coke, S.Pellegrino, Vodka Tonic
Favorite Book: Bridget Jones Diary
Favorite TV Show(s): Sex and the City
Favorite Feature Film(s): Barefoot in the Park, Breakfast at Tiffany's

1) How often do you have a glass of wine?
Always with dinner when I eat out, and often when I cook at home as well. So about five nights a week.

2) If you could only drink one wine (or type of wine) for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?
Pinot noir, because it rarely disappoints and goes with just about anything (or I seem to make it go with anything!).

3) Why do you think people are intimidated by wine?
I think there's a certain stigma that you have to be a wine connoisseur to order a good bottle in a restaurant or to pick one out as a gift. But if you actually take the time to learn even a little about different varieties and wineries, it's really easy to find wine you recognize anywhere you go.

4) How long does an open bottle last in your house?
Once it's opened, it's gone. No matter if I'm alone or having guests. No such thing as too much of a good thing.

5) What's the best/worst bottle of wine you've received as a gift?
For my birthday last year I received two nice bottles (one red, one white) of Santa Barbara County wine from a friend who lived there for a few years. He handpicked them for me. They were really great and it was such a thoughtful gift.

6) Ever drink wine right from the bottle? Through a straw? Outta somebody's navel?
Definitely from the bottle in my younger days...probably even before I was legal (shhhh...), but never through a straw or from a navel. Hmmm, is it a must try?

7) What would be your dream meal?
A great Italian meal at Il Cantinori in NYC with a nice bottle of Tuscan red wine and my sexy boyfriend Chris.

8) Would you be turned off by a screw cap on an expensive bottle of wine?
Definitely. Uncorking the bottle is fun to watch, especially if the guy is trying to impress you!

9) Ever use wine to lure someone into bed? (details, details)
I think I've probably been lured into bed after drinking too much wine on occasion by my boyfriend, but no complaints here. I'm a lucky girl.

10) Favorite winery/wine producer? Why?
Any pinot noir from Willamette Valley (Oregon, where I grew up). I'll argue that Oregon's pinots are some of the best you can buy. I also really enjoy Sterling wines (Napa Valley). They're good, reasonably priced and great for dinner parties.

Final thoughts:
Wine should be made our national beverage. It's good for the heart, you know.

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