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Oct 21, 2017

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Gold and Everything Decadent
by Mo Clancy
Magazine Issue: U.S. Vol. 2.9
Trends check in and out every season. But there are some important fashion cues that are here to stay -- for a while, at least.

by Mo Clancy

Watch for crowds eating more red meat, drinking more Champagne/sparkling wine, carrying Louis Vuitton bags and indulging in all the pleasures that made the eighties so excessive (and enjoyable). While silver still has its allure, the movement toward decadence is reviving gold's sexy style. Look for short gold ID necklaces, like those of the late seventies/early eighties, as well as sleek new contemporary designs. The glitter of gold goes well with the new look for skin and lips -- flawless nude shine, shine, shine. (Makeup stylists are even using Vaseline on eyelids.)

Because red meat and sparkling wine are becoming fashionable again, you'll want to seek out the new wave of sparkling reds from both Australian and state-side producers. Scorned years back as "cherry pop with alcohol," these hot new releases put to shame the Cold Duck icons of the seventies, blending traditional grapes such as shiraz (syrah) and cabernet sauvignon into fizzy palate pleasers for the new millennium.

Tube top Lip Gloss
Necklace Nordstrom's

Fashion Editor: Mo Clancy
Assistant Fashion Editor: Laura Peterson
Photographer: Justin Walsh
Stylist: Keesha Clark
Makeup Artist: Tosca
Models: Emeka Nzerem, Milen Beyene

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