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Nov 19, 2017

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Wine Bitch
by Staff
Magazine Issue: Vol. 2.4
W I N E . B I T C H
letters about our editor
N E X T P A G E >

Keep him or can his ass?


Dear Darryl,

The more I read your publication,the more I find my only real complaint is that you only publish every other month. Best of luck in a venture I hope lasts a long time.

Gavin Fritton


About Wine X:

Wine X Magazine is targeting the Generation Xers. Good idea. But bad execution. No, make that awful. Just looking at the typography and graphics will make you dizzy. What a mishmash -- so much so that the type is often hard to read. Which is just as well considering the sophomoric whining that goes on in this magazine. I know the people in charge of this magazine think they're being cute, but one man's meat is another man's poisson, and this one reeks like a week-old mackerel. This one should be called Whine X.

Michael Lonsford
Houston Chronicle


Dear Mr. Roberts

I thought you would appreciate this (above) article from the Houston Chronicle. I know I did. It made me go out and purchase the whiny magazine! Being a foodie and big wine buff, it was refreshing to find a magazine with this informative and entertaining style.

Robin Barr Sussman


Dear Darryl,

All the members of my family think the magazine is great. As my 21-year-old daughter said, "Wow, a wine magazine for my generation!" Congratulations on your new endeavor.

Joanna Sullivan
Sullivan Vineyards


About Wine X:

The appearance of the new magazine, Wine X, frankly shocked the hell out of me. I was led to believe that this publication would be targeted at the 25- to 45-year-old age group. Since we know that many in this age group don't read the usual wine columns and wine magazines, an attempt to get the good wine message to this group is a step in the right direction. So the "concept" of Wine X was a good one, and the proposed target audience was appropriate. Unfortunately, I think the magazine went way too far out of line for its own good thereby missing the very audience it wanted to reach. For example, the egregious cover (Vol. 2.1) looked immature and teen-age-ish.

Ron Loutherback
Wine Club


Dear Darryl,

The fact that Ron Loutherback of the dreadful Wine Club was "shocked and offended" (spare us, Ron!) by your last fabulous issue of Wine X is probably the best recommendation your publication could have. Keep up the great creativity, and don't let the sissies scare you.

Deidra O'Merde


Dear Darryl,

Congratulations on giving birth to Wine X Magazine. I enjoyed your first issue and learned a lot from it. This is just what the wine industry needs, and all vintners owe you their gratitude. My best wishes for success and the courage to pursue your convictions.

Jan Shrem
Clos Pegase Winery


Dear Wine X,

Amen. Like a breath of fresh air. Imagine a publication willing to prick the sides of some sacred cows. Imagine a publication willing to put some of the BS back in the ground where it will at least do some good. Imagine. (And hell, I'm not even Gen-X -- probably old enough to be the father of anyone on your staff.)



Dear Darryl,

I am VERRRRY excited by your magazine. It's about friggin' time that the staid, static and outdated wine marketing people heeded your editorial advice and started to reach out to the rest of the world that exists outside of their current, very limited consciousness. As a 30-year contributor to the wine industry, it has long been my contention that we need to can the bullshit and start treating wine as a beverage and not some sort of religious artifact. Wine is to drink and enjoy, not to pontificate over. So three or four cheers to you and your staff. Keep up the great work, and thanks for bursting the balloon of pompousness which constricts our industry.

Peter Watson-Graff


Dear Darryl,

Pairing wine with music?! I'm not about to criticize rock music, but did anyone tell you guys that many famous rock performers abused wine? Is this the message you want to give your readers?!"

Anonymous (over 50) Wine Writer


Dear Darryl,

Just got 2.2 in the mail and read your editorial. I'd like to know the names of the two creepy wine writers who criticized you. Name names! If they're going to act like dopes, I'd love to see the contents of their letters so I can a) decide exactly how out of line they are, and b) avoid buying their mags/books/newsletters in the future.

Peter Meyaart
Far East Wine Traders


Dear Wine X,

I just received and gleefully pored through Wine X. Great concept and engaging execution, layout, format, etc. While I'm firmly entrenched (chronologically at least) in the Boomer bracket, I found both the print and web versions of Wine X to be a refreshing alternative to the unctuous strut of the Wine Speculator (sic). I eagerly await your next edition.

David E. Smith


Dear Wine X,

I Love Your Magazine! I manage a wine shop in Lima, Ohio, and frequently use the Net to get reviews for some of the wines we carry. I stumbled across your wine site and haven't stopped laughing at some of your great wine reviews. I loved the "Pamela Anderson/Kerry Strug" wine review. I laughed so hard I forgot which wine it was! Our company has six very large wine shops throughout Ohio. I am suggesting all of our managers subscribe to your magazine.

Linda Hawkins


Dear Wine X,

At marketing meetings, we are constantly asking ourselves, "Who is our customer?" In the many ways we have answered this, we have stumbled upon a great number of Gen-Xers. We have also often wondered how to effectively reach Generation X when a lion's share of the wine media is rooted in baby boomer marketing. I wish to thank you and everyone involved in Wine X. You have a great product. I hope it will be a catalyst in sparking wine interest in my own generation -- the Xers.

Lee Stipp
R. H. Phillips/EXP Wines

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