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Sep 25, 2017

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KaDee Strickland
by Staff
Magazine Issue: U.S. Vol. 5.5

Name: KaDee Strickland
Resides: Los Angeles, CA
Availability Status: Unmarried
Hobbies: Spending time with people I care about; going out or making dinner with my partners in crime; hiking; reading
Favorite Music/Band(s): Everything from Lucinda Williams and Ryan Adams to Outkast to Billie and Ella
Favorite Food(s): Dark chocolate, grilled veggies, salmon, tuna, tapas, sushi, vegan chocolate chip cookies, chips and salsa
Favorite Drink(s): Syrah, cabernet sauvignon, shiraz, Cote du Rhone, hot chocolate, soy latte, Sancerre, pinot grigio, chardonnay, sake
Favorite Book(s): Bruce Webber’s Sam; an out of print photography book by Sam Shepard and Jessica Lange; Sam Shepard’s Crusing Paradise; David Sedaris’ Naked; any/all Hemingway
Favorite TV Show(s): Biography; was "Strangers with Candy," but it got cancelled
Favorite Film(s): Two for the Road, Klute, The Apartment, Alien, Shawshank Redemption, Raising Arizona, Amalie


1) What have we seen you in (TV, movies, men’s magazines, etc.)?
Brooke in Anything Else; Kristen in Something’s Gotta Give; Tara in Stepford Wives.

2) What was your big break?
Anything Else. Getting to work with Woody Allen was a childhood dream come true.

3) Do you drink wine? If so, how often?
I love wine, especially a yummy bottle of red. I have a glass once or twice a week (and whenever there’s a great bottle around!)

4) How's your love life?
My love life is quiet.

5) Ever use wine or food to lure someone into bed? (Details, details!)
I should like to think it wouldn’t take bribery or drunkenness to have someone find me desirable.

6) What’s your idea of a romantic dinner?
A nice meal in a cozy little restaurant. Or grilling out under the stars. Both involve a lovely bottle (or bottles) of red and dark chocolate, naturally. And the right company.

7) What’s the most embarrassing food/drink-related experience you’ve had (and why)?
I was at a Vines and Jet concert a few months back and had drunk several glasses of red wine. I ended up wearing it on my white shirt and tripping into the lounge sofa at the after party. One of my most stellar moments. Not due entirely to being tipsy, mostly due to being a total klutz.

8) Ever drink wine right from the bottle? Through a straw? Outta someone’s navel?
Wine from a bottle, definitely; the straw was makeshift out of a piece of chocolate licorice; and to memory, not from a navel.

9) Would you be turned off by a screw cap on an expensive bottle of wine?
The only thing that turns me off is a bad bottle of wine. Screw caps and price don’t matter.

10) What projects are you working on now (and in the immediate future)?
Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid (released August 27, 2004); The Grudge (released Oct. 22, 2004).

PHOTOGRAPHY: Tony Donaldson ©Tony Donaldson/
JEANS: Seven For All Mankind

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