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Oct 18, 2017

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What if Joe was PBR
by Wine X Staff May 2017
Magazine Issue: Online Only

What if Joe was PBR

If PBR can make a comeback in the beer world, anything can happen. Right? I mean look around you and all the signs say no-go. Microbreweries giving way to Nano breweries. Some new sourced hops or wheat and even some resurrected beer style’s deciphered from a stone chiseled hieroglyphic recipe etched into a wall.
Yeah, Im complicit too. So what. smile
I guess that is what makes PBR’s comeback so interesting.
What if the same thing happened to coffee? That’s a drink that has practically gone the way of beer in its authenticity and uniqueness.
Run through the archives of great commercials on YouTube and you’ll find great ones by Folgers and Maxwell House. And the Chock Full O’ Nuts jingle that gets stuck in your head. Don’t listen. I promise Im right. And then there’s some great regional brands like Yuban and Café Du Monde.
Just to be clear, I’m not heralding a comeback of Sanka and friends. But hey, if you want to be contrarian, a can of the old stuff is a cool change of pace. Wine X took a spin through some of yesteryear's’ old favorites and here’s what I found.

Folger’s Classic Roast: Think Zac Efforn and the New Baywatch. It really shouldn’t catch your attention, but there’s S O M E T H I N G there…. Hummmmm. I think I’ll have another. Rating XX

Maxwell House Original Roast
: Like a college kid and his new Honda Civic. Its inexpensive, its reliable, its got some character. A good starting point Rating X but acerbating to XX when you’re heavy handed.

Chock Full O’ Nuts New York Roast: Its Melissa Macathry playing Sean Spcer on SNL…… Spicey, A little over the top but quite believable. We keep coming back for more. Rating XX

Café Du Monde: Like a Naked & Afraid marathon. Close your eyes and don’t pay attention to what’s going in your mouth. Like a campfire roasted iguana, it’s an acquired taste that only the locals can really get right. Rating: X

Café Bustelo:
Oh yeah. I’m Lebron playing pickup with a bunch of weekend warriors. Tall, strong and serious kicks. This one takes no prisoners. MMMMM Rating XXX Oh baby. More!

Yuban: I am Groot. It seems simple at firsx`t but there’s a lot more going on here. Loveable and mellow. Worth bringing back. Rating : just a few branches short of XX.

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