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Oct 18, 2017

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Swipe Left, Little Bunny
by Wine X Staff April 2017

Easter weekend works for me. Everyone is in a good mood, the weather is finally consistently good enough to get outside and move, and normally it has been awhile since I’ve had a long weekend. That and someone is likely to invite me to a tasty meal on Sunday. Nom Nom. Right?

I try not to be “that guest”, it gets in the way of future invites. Hey, I‘ve watched Naked & Afraid, I know what happens to you without a good meal and I’m not going to become lizard eater. So, I try to bring something to the party that shows that I’m glad to be there.

Cake Wars guy I’m not. So that’s out. I’d make deviled eggs but that’s kinda a personal thing. There’s something about “next steps” in a friendship when you sink your teeth into someone else’s deviled egg. So that’s out too. Here’s my way of playing it safe, especially when you don’t have a lot of time to shop, prep, cook or bake.

The catch with buying a bottle of wine or two is that it can turn into a $100 deal pretty quick. And it has as much of a chance of being put onto a table with a bunch of other bottles as it does being appreciated and poured. So, swipe left and you’ll find some nice options that you’ll like, can afford and your hosts will appreciate.

That means, walk past your Cabs and Chards. If you’re shopping on a Sunday at a grocery store you probably won’t find much with a good QPR anyway. Everyone drinks Malbec, why conform? The good brands on all of those will set you back anyway (if you can find them).

Keep going until you get to the Sauvignon Blanc. Here’s why: Not sure why, but this grape just doesn’t have a huge following. Unlike Merlot, it doesn’t have an anti-following either. But it’s still produced in good quantity in good appellations like Napa and Bordeaux. Its pedigree from both areas leave it unlikely to be abandoned by great vineyards, winemakers and labels.

That means you can get the QPR trifecta: trading up on region, trading up on label, and trading down on price. And there’s a really good chance that you’ll find an interesting bottle during your Sunday morning grocery store run.

Salut Mr. Bunny!

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