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Oct 17, 2017

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Riedel H2O Water Glass
by Staff
Magazine Issue: Online Only

For those familiar with Riedel wine stemware, you know that if you even look at them wrong they break. Hey, it keeps Riedel in business, right?. So that’s why we wanted to test-drive their new water glasses – to see if they’d make it out of the box without shattering.

Well, were shocked, SHOCKED I say, that these stylish glasses made it through our “test drive” without breaking. Granted, we didn’t bounce them off the floor like we do our Flintstones stemware that we use for tastings (oops, that slipped), but for all the hand washing, dishwasher runs and minor clink mishaps, the glasses came through intact.

Although a bit pricy at $16 for a set of two, we do recommend these glasses for everyday use and for special occasions. Just keep them away from the kid’s table.

Post Note: Riedel boasts that their stemware “significantly improve the bouquet and flavor of the wines and spirits.” Through exhaustive trials here, it was concluded that Riedel’s H2O glasses do nothing to enhance the water experience.

Purchase at Joanne Hudson Basics or other fine retailers.

Set of Two
Made in Austria
Dishwasher Safe
Height: 3 1/8”
Capacity: 11 5/8 oz.
List Price: $16

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