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Nov 19, 2017

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For PR Flacks

Before you send your press releases to Our PR Department , please read the following:

Top 10 Useless/Dumbest Items That We Receive
from Wine PR Flacks/Firms… and Why

Press releases detailing awards from wine competitions and/or other wine magazines.
-- Do wineries/PR agencies really think that we’ll write about a wine because someone else liked it? That’s why we have a tasting panel and do what we do.

Announcements stating that a winery has released a wine.
-- Whoopie! So what. What’re we supposed do? Save us time and you money and send us samples of the wine and we’ll take a look.

Releases announcing a new winery regional sales manager.
-- Why would anyone (except that person) care?

Releases announcing a brand’s new ad campaign running in magazines other than ours.
-- Now here’s a winner. Announcing a winery is spending money with everyone else but us. Brilliant!

Receiving large, unsolicited files/images via email.
-- Thanks for tying-up our email system with useless information. Send us a link. If we want to see the image (or read the story) we’ll let you know.

A story on a winemaker, written by the winery’s PR department.
-- Yeah, that’ll surely be unbiased.

Wine samples with no suggested retail price.
-- Are we supposed to guess? What magazine (wine or other) writes about a wine but leaves the retail price out?

Media kits full of newspaper/magazine articles from other sources.
-- Again, useless!

Releases announcing their winemaker won “Winemaker of the Year.”
-- Gee, congratulations. With every wine magazine/wine organization (except ours) handing out a godzillion “… of the Year” awards, every winemaker wins one of these. Hint: no one cares.

Press release stating that a winery has just hired an “industry veteran” wine marketing director.
-- At the rate that people shuffle around this industry, save the ink and the postage. Chances are you’re gonna be writing about another “hire” in about three months.

And please note: If we receive one more press release with “Family-Owned,” “Award-Winning,” “World-Class” or “Hand-Crafted” in it we’re gonna puke!

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