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Nov 19, 2017

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About Us

Wine X is a young adult lifestyle magazine with wine and other beverages grafted on to it. With regular features on music, fashion, videos, books, travel and other relevant young adult culture, it’s specifically designed to create a comfortable forum in which young adults can learn more about the tasty juice without the usual intimidation. In no other publication will you find a more concentrated effort to inform, entertain and enlighten a new generation of wine consumers with such a fresh, cutting-edge approach. At Wine X we believe that wine is not a lifestyle, it’s part of one.

Rights and permissions: No part of this on-line publication may be reproduced or down-loaded without prior written permission from Wine X Magazine and/or the information sources credited. But call us, we’re easy.

Wineries, retail and wholesale establishments may use ratings and notes without written permission granted Wine X Magazine is credited.

Beverages for review: Please see our Submitting Samples.


Darin Szilagyi

Sales and Marketing

Associate Editors

Surreal Editor
Bob Blumer

Music Editor
Open - Just ask if you want a shot at it

Contributing Writers (including online)
Stephen Beaumont, Zar Brooks, Kim Caffrey, Tina Caputo, Felicity Carter, Steven Castle, Chad Davidson, Stewart Dorman, Jan Cholko, Brendan Eliason, Debbie Elkind, Christopher Fehlinger, Dawn Frankfort, D. Bradley Hogue, Laura Holmes, Diane Anderson-Minshall, Chris Sawyer, Sophia Schweitzer, Scott Stavrou, Lora White Lewis, Maja Wolff Tarateta, Steven Van Yoder



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